Our mission is to help millions of investors expand their portfolios into high-quality private assets historically reserved for the ultra wealthy. This means helping our clients invest into asset classes like venture capital, commercial real estate, blue-chip artwork, rare collectibles, asset-backed debt, crypto and more. Our success starts with the people we work with, the culture we build and the trust and transparency we bring to the industry.

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Alternative investing starts with Vincent.

Vincent was founded in 2019 to empower investors offering greater accessibility to private market investing. We built the largest search engine for investments beyond the stock market by partnering with 130+ leading platforms and aggregating opportunities worth billions. We’re proud to say that since opening our doors we’ve helped more than 700,000 investors explore the universe of alternative assets.

We're excited to introduce the next phase of Vincent: a full-service investment advisor directly helping individual investors to build world-class portfolios of alternative investments. We've built the first-of-its-kind investment platform using technological and regulatory infrastructure not yet offered in the retail investing sector. Join us as we unlock investments usually only accessible to the ultra wealthy through the collective investing power of everyday investors.

Last year we announced a fundraise from some great investors who share our vision for the future of alternative investing. Jason Calacanis led, Joe Lonsdale of 8VC anchored, Barry Silbert of DCG and other founders and execs from leading alternative investment platforms joined to enable us to double down on our vision of allowing individual investors to access alternatives.

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Why Join Vincent?

Build the future of investing

The traditional 60/40 portfolio of stocks and bonds is dead. Private market assets are a massive $13 trillion market, but there is often a high barrier to entry that makes it is difficult for investors to access. The data has shown time and time again that portfolios that include blue-chip alternative assets outperform traditional portfolios. Vincent is excited to offer everyone the opportunity to bring their wealth to its full potential.